Haiku Poem #4d

Hear the wind blowIn the life to death flowChange demands more “Give up the pain in your heart see the gray shade between the shadows in the dark what was, still need not to be unchain yourself and live life to be free.”

The Woman In Me

The mask that you wear, the eyes that see the mind will swell to an excessive degree. Your thoughts will wonder, this ponder within recalling better times with the love of a friend. Remembering! charms of a cheat, feeling heat contemptible current running deep! never sweet. Docile but defensive! conflicted with indifference accepting it mustContinue reading “The Woman In Me”

Body Shame No! Body Being Changed

You hear the words and they say them often, such pain they cause but it doesn’t stop them. When they body shame, they aim to defame, their self-hate can’t be tamed, truly a shame. Be watchful chill! when seeing ignorance spill, oh deplorable thrills when they spread evil ills. it’s your involvement welcoming improvement, CaloriesContinue reading “Body Shame No! Body Being Changed”