She’s A Black Widow

In this dark illusion it fulfills this tribal fear your cast iron cruelties it’s sever it’s caviler. Your charisma should have been my warning my musing nemesis is relentless but charming. Fragmented folklore the tales that are figments my clairvoyance is resistant! lacking persistence. That sheer grown clinging to your naked body imagery so profoundContinue reading “She’s A Black Widow”


This descending damming darkness, the merging! this dingy gray shroud of foggy clinging mist. The piercing croak of the toads wouldn’t relent the chaotic chirping sounds of the crickets the devil sent . My psychotic break! death! now watches and waits I’m outside her widow while deciding her fate. Her petite body moving with suchContinue reading “THE DARKNESS IN ME”


Cast to the aside thy bounty of booty brazen! are these barbarians The dimming light in the eyes of a dying child to weak to rise again The cheetah in the chase, dose the zebra ever know he just cant win The death cries of our neighbor, a fellow human is now committing sin WhatContinue reading “THE DIFFERENT RAYS OF HOPE”


The Spawning! those hatchlings of the father, his slithering serpents seeking your death! delicious evil at it’s best. We will drag your worthless soul into the bowels of hell while licking on your spine until your spirit fails, we hear the foolish cries in your spiritual wails. Tonight this wondrous episodes of evil that awaitsContinue reading “THE SPAWNING”

I Cant Feel Until I Heal

via Daily Prompt: Heal In the dimming light I was losing my fight, my unrestrained aggressiveness now being used by this isolating repressiveness, will I Heal! if I kill. What of this debilitating rendering this cold heart now incapable of regenerating the immunity to this infiltrating, So am I ill because I don’t feel. OnceContinue reading “I Cant Feel Until I Heal”

Eye Of The Soul

Pier into the sunken eyes of humanities imperfections transgressions! those abnormalities in man’s indignations Give no thought to the indignities inflicting degradation ask no forgiveness for disdainful demising humiliations Hear not those moral cries from our collective condemnations preposterous! those lies found in moralities anticipations Reject the pretentious calls those sensible sensitivities then reap thyContinue reading “Eye Of The Soul”


A child’s arrival, precious gift Unknown father, ending bliss Socially inept, ungracious heart A mother’s cries, a child will start Caustic preference, cruel adolescent Callously abusive, maliciously ruthless Boastfully brutish, small animals beware Treacherously tortures, delightfully stares Strange echo’s, ironic dreams Dark trenches in swollen knees Shallow folly, sexually steamy Harken still waters of feebleContinue reading “Evil”

The Power Of Twisted Resolve

In a flash our fusing flesh splintered my disjointed mind, your sticky sweetness condensing untethers reason that was mine. This beast of burden claws me, I’m the zebra losing her fold, the empty hollow chambers ignore me burning red blood turns cold! What brutish dreams lay ahead spawned by the wicked things in my head,Continue reading “The Power Of Twisted Resolve”