The Holocaust of man

The evil in this story one mad man’s reach for glory, with nationalism’s enthusiastic furor the Nazis would make the whole planet shiver. The seeds were sown during Versailles Treaty, another war started by the wicked and greedy. Like vile vultures regurgitating rotten meat, that war spat out a murderer now feasting on the weak.Continue reading “The Holocaust of man”


Stumbling along this path of cobble stone the days of our past but now there gone Never thought my source of delight, would cause such nightmares my pain at night This heart had sung among the daffodils, the daisy, those dahlia’s, my wife my thrill. You were my nectar! hummingbirds are also collectors, Your shiningContinue reading “A DAY WITH MY WIFE”


This fiery orange glow descending upon her in the mist of the destruction of her village, I the victor of the vanquished stood above the feeble and the broken with a sinister laughter! now installed as lord and master. Inspecting my spoils I circled her like the eagle would the rabbit, her eyes followed me inContinue reading “THE PREDATOR AND THE PREY”


Ideological or hateful sin; inflamed insurrection, let war begin. The cotton fields lead the battle cry! the tobacco leaves cover the men that die. What patriotism! is that really the question, this pugnacious rift the screams of secession. The politics of power for those who plunder, the ravaging of this nation may yank it under.Continue reading “CIVIL WAR”

My name is not ROE V. WADE

The call to arms yet once again The lines are drawn to the bitter end The Court’s deck is stacked with spades In the fight of Roe V. Wade The deafening chatter the cries it’s choice! Then who will hear my voice? The adjudications oh fighting frustrations A mother’s womb or that’s my tomb There’sContinue reading “My name is not ROE V. WADE”

God Forgive Me

Sitting along by this quiet pond Remembering a day now it’s gone The whispers! this haunting of me My forgotten truths must be free This glaring fog among silhouettes Those shadows in the light as I wept My jagged heart my unspeakable deed This broken life, I’ve bent both knees Oh god I said withContinue reading “God Forgive Me”


The Spawning! those hatchlings of the father, his slithering serpents seeking your death! delicious evil at it’s best. We will drag your worthless soul into the bowels of hell while licking on your spine until your spirit fails, we hear the foolish cries in your spiritual wails. Tonight this wondrous episodes of evil that awaitsContinue reading “THE SPAWNING”

I Cant Feel Until I Heal

via Daily Prompt: Heal In the dimming light I was losing my fight, my unrestrained aggressiveness now being used by this isolating repressiveness, will I Heal! if I kill. What of this debilitating rendering this cold heart now incapable of regenerating the immunity to this infiltrating, So am I ill because I don’t feel. OnceContinue reading “I Cant Feel Until I Heal”