Greed Bleeds Love Feeds

I have met people from far and wide some have opened their hearts and let me inside. We have come together as a world community so when will it be time for international unity? Yes! the competing Corporations direct our course then they own the media which give us our voice. When putting the corruptContinue reading “Greed Bleeds Love Feeds”

The Trials Of Life never Seem To End

The trials of life never seem to end the Sandyman need a maid come in. They say everything has a place, there’s a place for everything so why do my things have so many places it seems. This man cave thing has gone a little too far I peeped into the bedroom and then just closed door.Continue reading “The Trials Of Life never Seem To End”

Intuition Or Just Superstition

Hey! my four leaf clover Damn! has just rolled over fallen eyelash on my face, lost twice with double ace The stories that come along when everything’s wrong some would say life sucks! others its a case of bad luck There’s a bird in the house, please catch that falling leaf that old black catContinue reading “Intuition Or Just Superstition”

Daddy Need A New Pair Of Shoes

The bank called me a loser but still, I object, I cloned a countersign check that got in a wreck. They unbalance my balloon payment with regret, I had three other loans on it what did they expect. In their certified calculations of my debt consolidation I wonder any consideration for my lack of anContinue reading “Daddy Need A New Pair Of Shoes”

Things Mama Said

When you seek you will find, that lost stitch in time is mine so my penny for your thought or it’s your ass I haven’t forgotten. Cause if you snooze you lose, giving you that old-time blues if shit happens, you go down with the ship you’re the captain. Then you will look before theContinue reading “Things Mama Said”

Sad Songs Sing

It’s an old sad song, forgetting the importance of right and wrong with the bests of intentions the debate begins actions! are our sins. Chastising a cheat! still victimizing the weak! the advantage we seek your anxious but able, articulate in your cable, fairness is just a fable. Callous without a cue, a crude! cynicalContinue reading “Sad Songs Sing”