Stumbling along this path of cobble stone the days of our past but now there gone Never thought my source of delight, would cause such nightmares my pain at night This heart had sung among the daffodils, the daisy, those dahlia’s, my wife my thrill. You were my nectar! hummingbirds are also collectors, Your shiningContinue reading “A DAY WITH MY WIFE”


I ponder these thoughts my mind is in a spell The year of Armageddon we are all off to hell The reasons to why are strange and then varied Indicted and now convicted is the Virgin Mary Like those rain drops falling into a darken well How much man hates I’m not suppose to tellContinue reading “PONDERED THOUGHTS!”

Destiny or Eulogy

What is my designation this incessant hollow chamber echoing cries blind men refuse to see My battle scars leaching through the stitches of life retched hearts must it be, is that me. Looking into these horrors, the endless screams of desperation this indignation, the indignity of castration. Pier into the folly of pride, the spider’sContinue reading “Destiny or Eulogy”


This day of mourning subdued by swirling images of despair. Cascading visions casting shadows of thing that were never there. This father lost in a murky shroud descending is life’s cost as he cries out loud. Silent death! the shattering of his reality he can hear it’s echo in the den of inequity. The falseContinue reading “Uncertainty”


Ideological or hateful sin; inflamed insurrection, let war begin. The cotton fields lead the battle cry! the tobacco leaves cover the men that die. What patriotism! is that really the question, this pugnacious rift the screams of secession. The politics of power for those who plunder, the ravaging of this nation may yank it under.Continue reading “CIVIL WAR”


Those dark clouds casting shadows on a woeful weary hearts. The cries of our children lay dormant curing the dark. The ice sickles in the penetrating currents that we flee. The oceans tides rising beneath us the casualties! must it be. Now speak of your sorrows then fear thy pending dread. The leeching ground watersContinue reading “THE ATONEMENT”

It’s Autumn

Autumn’s in swing! you know it’s better than spring. The golden lights in flickering leaves there’s dancing dew! I never knew. Those mirrored reflections the ponds connections, our shared affections. Where strangers! come together in this beautiful weather. Where standing trees meets a gentle breeze then release their leaves Where! We Gather, Rack and StackContinue reading “It’s Autumn”


The boldness in this story, I’m at peace a glory told by some so say the priest. It’s origins you’ll behold before it unfolds it’s French 16th century or Latin I’m told. Christians through out the land praise thy father this holly man. These celebrations we will enter the lord our Christ is at it’sContinue reading “THE LITURGY”


We speak not of those unfulfilled dreams drifting upon the currents of yesterday Then rejecting the cries of a weary heart now shackled within the confines of dismay Taste the sticky tales upon these tainted tongues oh those lying eyes now weak when you’re wrong Screeching doubts while chills sting! then stay your illusion areContinue reading “THE IMPLICATIONS”