The Results Are Crude Don’t Get Fooled

  Never once will this make you laugh that rejected call of why before you cry That distant queasy feeling that refused to lie diarrhea behind that fart stacking sky high That unmistakable smell beginning to loom That quash that said your underwear has run out of room the mad dash to the door your pride leaking fromContinue reading “The Results Are Crude Don’t Get Fooled”

Ask You May Receive You May Not Believe

  I am longing for the day I just want to be free My boss said be late tomorrow that day you’ll truly see.   Now friends come and go but man and dog to the end my dog took his bowl and more What he left I just stepped in.   There was a timeContinue reading “Ask You May Receive You May Not Believe”

The Sting Of Bee Or A Dog’s Ticks And Fleas

Why must I chase the cat?   Passion denied conceded pride starting all over again tell the lie give it try its do or die so let the games begin. She’s fearlessly loyal gleefully unsoiled no need to boil you will shout if the truth comes out she’ll run no doubt. You inconsiderate pain slightlyContinue reading “The Sting Of Bee Or A Dog’s Ticks And Fleas”

The Dawn Of Discord We Can Ill Afford

  The dawn of discord this disapproving dispute now convolute Deafening death-rattles before pending battles hateful chatter does it matter don’t make me shoot Diverted attention its intervention was the mission the alienation that altercation condemning cooperation. The eloquence in their epic embellishments the lack of due diligence shows your irrelevance. Fools in a fullContinue reading “The Dawn Of Discord We Can Ill Afford”