A Hunk Of Stone, Heart Unknown

There she stood in a faded gray marble stone in amplified silence, she could tell you no wrong. Her slender shoulders should carry no weight the flow of her hair made you willing to wait. She cried out are you willing to embrace me harmony in her eloquence began to shake me. Her tender armsContinue reading “A Hunk Of Stone, Heart Unknown”

Can You Hack What You Lack

Can you hear my cry, the caveat of caution’s clamor before bleak skies. Acoustic baritone babble now chiming in my ears, admonished angelic voices are now ruling my fears. Will you not feel my tears, bitter brevity of bird-songs, broken beating of wings. Descriptive crash evasive clash bogus token I deem, silent deaf add personalContinue reading “Can You Hack What You Lack”

I’m A Stranger But They Don’t Know It

I’m in a state of confusing still unsure of its conclusion In this land where opposites attract how should I react A larger imposing man yes! then there’s my black skin I’m a stranger the West show it, here they don’t know it   I met a darling woman at the lake mother grandmother herContinue reading “I’m A Stranger But They Don’t Know It”

With Evils Thrust, This Fight We Must

In these times of abuse, fear anger! and love’s misuse the worst of brutal bullies will give you their excuse. Annihilation conspires the concocting of conspirators the curse of cringing cruelty has no use for metaphors. Hair-raising alarm, hate-mongers go wrong! an old song a chauvinistic disguise, abhorrently winning envy’s prize. Dastardly demons decapitating compassion,Continue reading “With Evils Thrust, This Fight We Must”

The Ghost I See, It Must Be Me

The Ghost I see, the ghost in me, it must be the cringe from within, this curse for my sins. Wicked ways I have enslaved the hearts of men I’m the task I’m the lash, they fall, a heap of trash. They came to loot! lingering sting tasting my fruits a delightful demise! this demeaningContinue reading “The Ghost I See, It Must Be Me”

Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow

My silent screams for your kiss that’s upon the winds, my abandon dream, a team of two hearts with one seam. My Tears lay bear the fallow land that needs to be sown, the fruits of love bear the seeds that need to be grown. Lay still the cold chill that comes to steal from loversContinue reading “Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow”

I’m Along My Mother Is Gone

This shroud of death distinguishing yesterdays light a moment mourns memories, my woe in that imagery. The rituals in this vigil, numb my vows before this foe a keepsake your tenderness glows as the winds blow. Gathering griefs gratitude at the grave site, before tonight sorrows solemn sadness recounting the blight that’s insight. Heed theContinue reading “I’m Along My Mother Is Gone”

A Fenced Pride Love Stay On Your Side

Our fence building begins from within, the defensive block-aides to offensive barricades. Your classical concentrated clang of civility, lying mental form-fitting focus foiled by inflexibility. Mastering the shuffling rules of stamina and strength, attack my base gauntlet in place, advance at your fate. Still you’ll flick this fancy fast-moving footwork, muscles memory moves masked emotions justContinue reading “A Fenced Pride Love Stay On Your Side”

The Obese Below The Meek, After The Weak

Sandyman (If you can’t heal! you can not hate!) With the collapse in this metabolic rate social media offensively pessimistic! chastely antagonistic. Curt is this current cynical curiosity tenacious tempered taint, testy tactless taunts in reality. This reckless rues they fan “she has food in both hands”. yes! so perceptively prejudicial, pretentious judgmental. Appetite! they’llContinue reading “The Obese Below The Meek, After The Weak”